As we continue to move through Covid-19 as a society we are often reminded of the times when we could do things we wanted without circumstance. Since the middle of March or 266 days ago, we can now describe ourselves as living in a suppressed environment. As difficult as that has been for many, we must understand that even if our reality has changed during this time our outlook on life should not be broken. We will survive this and this too shall pass as we are a resilient society.

Knowing that with every passing day we are one step closer to understanding that we will not be able to celebrate Christmas with family and friends as we can already see the writing on the wall. The toughest part of this conversation is that someone else other than ourselves is making that decision for us. We must believe that these chosen officials are not trying intentionally to separate us from family on this special holiday as some would believe, but they are truly trying to keep us from having to endure any pain and suffering that would come from us failing to understand the severity of the circumstance if we fail to listen.

We already know there will be complaining. The only thing anybody should be complaining about is their health in this circumstance. Short of the death of a loved one, a terminal illness, or some other horrible tragedy, everything is controllable. If we’re in control of it, we have the ability to fix it. 

Where is the value in complaining? 

Instead of complaining about what could happen or when it does happen…Why not asses the situation, and find a solution. 

What if you could…

– Organize a catered dinner for loved ones who you cannot see this Holiday Season. 

– Create a Zoom, Google Chat, Face time, or just a simple phone call to create that festive moment with a cheer for the holiday season knowing that you will soon be able to get together as a family in a safer environment sometime in the future. Life is way too short to risk any lives because you fail understand why.

With this also comes with a lack of optimism about our future. There are a million reasons why not, but there is one good reason why, our future is bright we just have to persevere and understand there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

No matter what happens, we have to keep going we have a choice. We have come this far and yes; we are tired of not being able to do what we have done in the past. But isn’t this where the optimism lives knowing we will one day rise above this to return to what we know. If we truly believe as a society that we can do it no matter what, we’ve got this. The only reason we might bring up any excuses about the future is because you don’t believe there will be one. Do not let that kind of thinking ever get in the way of our success because we already know this, we are resilient and we will persevere. Many things have stood in the way of our success lately and we have found a way to move forward to this point in time. So, don’t give up now as this too shall soon pass!

To be able to get through this holiday season, We, need to have optimism. Every day is hard, and we all have to fight to win.

To that I say Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas to all! So long 2020 and bring on 2021 I’m ready!

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