Ok March Madness Sports Fans… My daughter and her teammates are in need of your support. Please support our basketball ladies in there quest to compete across Canada and in the US this summer…

If you can kindly see below… For $10.00 you can help support these girls and have some fun at the same time. Follow the instruction below and sign up as you will. If you are going to do a March Madness pool anyway please consider this in support of the girls.

Thanks you for your time in advance as it is greatly appreciated.

All the best

Yours for basketball, Henley Financial & Wealth Management


Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 11.48.16 AM

note: Henley Financial & Wealth Management has no connection to the pool, how it works or pays out, we are simply supporting this fundraiser because one the girls on the team is related to an employee of the company.  Through social media we thought we could help put the word out about their fund raiser. Thanks you for your support.



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