One of the Biggest Assets in your life requires proper coverage.


  1.  You have two life insurance options after securing your mortgage: insuring through the creditor or insuring through a life insurance company.
  2. Mortgage insurance is convenient, but the benefit is limited to the amount owing on the mortgage and is paid directly to the creditor and not your family.
  3. Life insurance is paid to your beneficiary and your coverage won’t decrease as your mortgage is paid down.
  4.  If you buy a bigger home, increasing your insurance coverage may be a smart choice.

Henley Financial and Wealth Management can provide expert guidance on both of these options.
When you buy a home, you need a way to help protect yourself and your family’s financial security, no matter what happens.

Your bank/lending institution will talk to you about mortgage insurance (also called creditor insurance) when you finance your house. You wil be told about the importance of this product for your mortgage. What it means…if you die, your mortgage with the lender is paid out, which is how the lender protects the institution if something should happen to you.

But what happens to your family if they don’t payout the mortgage because the death did not pass the underwriter approval after the fact. What you receive from the lender for your premium is a credit certificate not an actual insurance policy. After death, the credit certificate is sent to the insurer for underwriting at which time the underwriter will decide if the insured qualified for insurance. One of two scenarios will happen: the lender will payout the mortgage or refund the premiums. If its the latter it is because the insured did not qualify for insurance due to circumstance before death.

Is having mortgage insurance/credit insurance from your lender the best option for you?

If you want to protect more than just your home, individual insurance will better suit your needs. Individual insurance generally provides more control, options and benefits to help you financially protect what matters most. Underwriting is done at the time of application and an insurance policy is issued if you qualify. When the insured dies the benefactor can choose to payout the mortgage, use the money for the families individual needs or do both.

By comparing Mortgage Insurance and Individual Life Insurance, you ensure you’re giving yourself and your family the type of insurance protection that meets your personal needs and just protecting the lender.

Build a financial security plan that will help protect your mortgage and what matters most in your life.


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