So 50, is the new 40, why do people always want to count backwards?  Women never seem to age past 29; until it’s obvious and then they age to forty something.  I act like a teenager most of the time and sometimes feel like a twenty something.  There are days when my aches and pains set in and that is what being fifty is sometimes like.  But that’s what happens when you age.

If I rate my younger years I would realize how many mistakes I’ve made along with all the things I’ve learned in the five decades of life.

I prefer to live by this motto and enjoy life.

“Growing old is inevitable, Growing up is optional”.

Don’t wait until you have time to travel.  Travel the world while you can, the world is your oyster so they say.  How do you know what’s out there if you don’t explore?  Don’t just travel to the obvious places.  Travel to learn, travel to discover and try not to go to the same place over and over.  Travel to the places that will challenge your adventure.

In life we spend entirely too much time working on other people’s visions or in other people’s meetings.  Meetings are ways for us to procrastinate implementing good ideas.  If you find yourself in a job that you wish you could leave then do it. Find something you love and make your dream job a reality.  I realize that is sometimes unachievable.  But do something you love to do and you will never regret getting up in the morning and going to work.

In all relationships personal or business you must have trust. Trust in yourself, and your ideas good or bad.  Some of your ideas are good and will work out, other ideas may not but what is the harm in trusting in yourself.  You may lose friends, or even get hurt.  But you must trust people until they give you a reason not to.  Don’t waste time on people who you don’t trust.

Find the best in people, they will be best and worst that will happen to you.  Some people will help you go further in life.  Others will pull you down to their level and hold you back.  A few people will change your life forever. As the saying goes you have not met your best friend yet.  If you think like that you will meet many amazing people in your life searching for another best friend. Just think what life would be like to have many best friends.  You need amazing people who do for you as you do for them in your life.  Don’t waste time with friends who don’t treat you the way you treat them.

Value other people’s time.  That means that if you’re late, you think you’re worth more and can keep them waiting.  Now I realize that there are times when being late cannot be avoided.  Call ahead and let them know that you will be late.  Don’t be that person who gets invited to the surprise party an hour early just so you will be there in time for the surprise.

In Life we fail a lot.  We fail… often, at love, at socializing, at making friends, at work, at business, and with family.  Our biggest problem when we fail is we blame that failure on something or someone else.  We should learn something every time we fail.  If you have not learned anything from failure then you have failed.  If you learn something, then you’ve gained a valuable lesson.  Every time you grow you learn and fail, you become better at figuring out life.

Life for me has been 50 years in the making.  I don’t need to go back 10 years to find it nor do I believe I have completely succeeded at life quite yet.  Without many mistakes along the way I would have never learned the patience needed in growing older.

We often forget to plan for our future financial security needs because we are to busy looking behind us to see where we have been.  Before you know it, that time will be here and it may be too late.  Live life and plan for the future.

Growing old is inevitable… The rest of this quote is yours to finish!

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